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10 June 2016
TagLine: A thriller about a man trying to find the culprit who kidnapped his granddaughter
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TagLine: A thriller about a man trying to find the culprit who kidnapped his granddaughter

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10 June 2016




John Biswas (Amitabh Bachchan) is a man obsessed with finding clues that might lead him to his abducted granddaughter. He gets a second chance at redemption when a similar case presents itself eight years later and he joins hands with a cop named Sarita Sarkar and a priest named Martin Das. Are the two kidnappings linked? As the trio delve into both cases, will they find any clues that can lead them to the culprit?

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Bollywood Hungama
Bollywood Hungama
Film Critic 5

On the whole, TE3N, despite being a whodunit thriller, suffers extremely because of its slow pace and weak screenplay. At the box-office it will be unable to connect with its target audience.

Sarita Tanwar
Mid day 4

If you want to see a really good suspense film, see Montage. But if you are allergic to subtitles and in the mood for a Hindi film, then maybe go see this.

Raja Sen
Rediff 4

Overall, like the Calcutta police station that features a library of audio cassettes full of ransom demands — a shelf of kidnapper mixtapes, if you will — TE3N feels like it was put together by people who didn’t know where things should go. Amitabh Bachchan is excellent, no question. Ah, if only his mystery involved

Rohit Vats
Film Critic

TE3N catches you by the neck and keeps you engrossed till the end credits. Amitabh’s superlative form is just one of the incentives to watch it. TE3N has enough to make you like it.

Meena Iyer

The film’s ability to maintain the suspense right till the end makes it a must-watch for those who like whodunnits. However, a better pace could have lifted this film a notch higher.

Surabhi Redkar
Koimoi.com 5

Te3n turns out to be a disappointing thriller as it starts to give away the suspense quite early on. If you want to catch a film that can make you scratch your brain then this is not your pick. It is an average thriller, still a better choice than many senseless Bollywood films.

Rajeev Masand

Even if you do end up predicting the climax, it’s an engaging journey following all the clues and dodging the red herrings. Dasgupta’s efficient direction and an inherently riveting plot (thank you Korean film Montage, whose official remake this is!) ensure that you’re consistently invested in the outcome of the investigation. The film is as

Mehul S Thakkar
Deccan Chronicle 8

Watch it for the raw display of human drama and the realistic approach to many situations which has been missing at the movies for sometime now.

It isn’t an edge-of-the-seat humdinger. The motivations of its key characters are at times rather fuzzy. And it suffers from a pronounced Kahaani hangover (which is not surprising given that director Sujoy Ghosh is the producer). But Te3n is never less than eminently watchable.