Rocky Handsome

4.6 10

a film by Nishikant Kamat

24 March 2016
126 Minutes
TagLine: An action thriller regarding a man in search of an abducted child.
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Rocky Handsome

a film by Nishikant Kamat

TagLine: An action thriller regarding a man in search of an abducted child.

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24 March 2016
126 Minutes




After working in “Force” (2011) with John Abraham, Director Nishikant Kamat has again joined hands with him in this film dealing with abduction. The story involves a man who breaks all hell loose when an eight year old girl is kidnapped by a drug mafia. Since the man shares an affectionate bond with the child, he seeks revenge against the kidnapper. Will her savior succeed in his mission? Why was the child abducted? This movie starring John and Shruti Hasan delves into the subject of drug mafia and kidnapping. Moreover, the film is full of action as John is on a killing spree in this rescue mission!

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Sarita Tanwar
Mid day 5

Rocky Handsome is meant for hard-core action fans. And for those who want to discover a bigger (much, much) and better John Abraham.

Ananya Bhattacharya
Film Critic 6

In all, Rocky Handsome is a decent one-time watch for non-fans of Abraham. For a John Abraham fan, the film clicks several boxes. Above all, Rocky Handsome is a sumptuous feast for action-lovers. Watch it if you swear by punches and kicks and special, hitherto-unseen-in-Hindi-films martial arts.

Mehul S Thakkar
Deccan Chronicle 5

Overall the film will appeal to those who love to see action and want to see John doing it. And yes, he is more bulky this time around.

Unapologetically gory and visceral, Rocky Handsome revels in relentless violence. But for a film about a ‘trained assassin’ and his bonding with a hapless child in desperate need of help, it is woefully low on emotional muscle.

Rajeev Masand

This is lazy film-making; deserves mention for riveting action scenes

Shubhra Gupta
Indian Express 2

John Abraham ​only​ appears bad, see, he’s actually a good guy with a terrible past. The rest of the space is filled with an eight-year-old who’s made to talk like she’s double that.

Martin D’Souza
Glamsham 3

I’m still trying to understand what ROCKY HANDSOME is all about…

The only good part is its action sequences, which might have been directly borrowed from the original Korean film. It looks like John comes back to life every time he throws his punches around or breaks people’s bones with absolute ease. His body, his personality and his moves make us want to believe that he

Subhash K. Jha

By the time John gets a parting hug from a loved one the narrative lies writhing in exhaustion on the ground waiting to be redeemed from the vortex of violence that governs Rocky’s not-so-handsome world. Finally,all we need is love.

Rohit Vats
Film Critic 4

John Abraham … err … Rocky Handsome is a very average film with some finely executed action sequences on display. But, make no mistake: Don’t expect anything more from this film.

Sukanya Verma
Rediff 3

Kamath spends a sweet amount of time building up the hero’s arrival on the scene and projection but as soon as it’s slaughter time, the camera slips in a crazy rush to document the bloodshed. What survives is limp and spiritless.

Bollywood Hungama
Bollywood Hungama
Film Critic 7

On the whole, ROCKY HANDSOME is for people who like action films. Despite the film having a simple plot, it has been garnished with engrossing drama and action stunningly. One can find the right mix of tension, action, emotion under one roof. A well-made action thriller!

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