Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Philmy?

    Philmy is a dedicated movie platform created with the objective of helping people discover, recommend, rate and critique movies in a fun, social, and collaborative manner.

  • Why should I use Philmy? How does it work?

    Movies are subjective and so are opinions. As avid movie watchers, we are constantly exposed to conflicting opinions on the same movie. Like many other web-based services that rely on the concept of wisdom of crowds, we believe that certain amount of objectivity can be added to the movie evaluation process by relying on the collective opinion of many experts. At Philmy, we scavenge the web to find the most relevant reviews from known film experts and aggregate their ratings & reviews to provide a comprehensive picture of a movie devoid of any individual biases.

  • How is Philmy different from other review aggregation websites?

    Philmy is different from other review aggregation websites because we go beyond the critique aspect. We provide custom-written content that summarizes the plot of the movie without revealing any spoilers. Additionally, for each movie we have custom hash-tags that help users discover new movies in an unconventional and quirky way.

  • I see movies are tagged with hash-tags. How do they work?

    Movies are complex entities that need more than a mere genre description to communicate all the different themes present. Hash-tags is our way of classifying a movie into multiple categories. Our hash-tags range from the traditional (e.g. comedy, drama, action etc.) to the unconventional (e.g. chor-police, court-kacheri) to the completely weird (jeene-ke-hain-4-din, bade-desh-choti-baatien) but they do make for a fun movie discovery experience. So, just hit the explore button on the home page and start exploring.

  • Can I submit hash-tags for a movie?

    Right now, our highly trained movie scientists are responsible for adding hash-tags. However, we plan to open up the system soon, so that users can directly submit hash-tags of their choice.

  • How do I submit a review for a movie?

    Just hover and click on the slider bar and rate the movie from 0-10. Once you have submitted a rating, a pop-up window will emerge with an open-ended text-box where you can submit your review.

  • How do you choose your critics for the overall critic rating?

    Currently, we choose well renowned film critics who write for major newspapers, magazines and online portals in India.

  • What rating scale does Philmy use?

    All movie ratings on Philmy are on a 0-10 scale.

  • I tried searching for a movie but couldn’t find it?

    Currently, our service is in alpha stage and our movie database is work-in-progress. Our primary focus is on garnering feedback from our users to understand what they like vs. not like so that we can enhance the overall user experience. However, we do add hundreds of movies to our database every day. So please keep coming back to our website in case you can’t find your favorite movie. Alternatively, you can send us an email ( regarding any particular movie that you would like to see on Philmy and we will try our best to prioritize it.

  • Do you have plans to include movies from Hollywood and/or Regional Cinema?

    Absolutely yes! Once we have ironed out our initial product and finalized features, we will be adding movies from other languages (English, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Telgu, Punjabi, Bengali, Kannada, Bhojpuri etc.).

  • I really like Philmy. How can I help promote it?

    We are trying to build traction for our service, so any social media mentions or word of mouth recommendations will be greatly appreciated. Also, you can support us by liking our Facebook page, and following us on Instagram or Twitter.

  • Are you guys recruiting?

    We are always looking for software engineers, UX designers, mobile app developers, content writers and film fanatics in general. So if you think you fall in any of these categories, please feel free to drop us a line at