About Us

Philmy: Take 1

The location is the quaint little city of Cambridge. The scene is set. As the various actors bustle around, three characters take center stage. A computer scientist, a business strategist and an out and out Bollywood-lover come together and decide to watch a movie. But what movie shall they watch? Two hours and multiple web searches for trailers later, their conundrum knows no bounds. Tensions rise and the pressure cooker is about to blow when.. it dawns upon them. “We need to solve this once and for all!” … Philmy begins to take shape.

Philmy: Take 2

Growing up in modern day India, it was sometimes hard to see where real life ended and Bollywood began. We were all touched by it, inspired by it. Being filmy was part of our identity.. from the “tujhe dekha toh yeh jaana sanam” moments that defined our notions of romance, the “mere karan arjun zaroor ayenge” moments that helped remind us that family always comes first to the “mogambo khush hua” moments that helped us stay in touch with our inner villians! Our dialogues were filmy, our hairstyles were filmy and our values were filmy (because in the end good trumps evil and the hero always gets the girl). Our love for films, for clean solutions to everyday problems and the need for a dedicated source where you can find out everything important about Indian films has brought us to Philmy.

Philmy: Climax scene

We have worked hard to produce a lean, clean Bollywood machine where you can find out all you need to know about films.. what the film is about, who it might appeal to, cast and crew details, trailers, awards, critic reviews, user perspectives.. whew! Only the bare essentials, presented in a minimalistic design that appeals to us and hopefully appeals to you as well.
We hope to soon be able to use this platform to promote other Indian regional cinemas and small independent films, and to recommend movies to users based on algorithms that the Philmy team is working round the clock on.. stay tuned!